Paid Family Leave

Here’s what you need to know about New York State’s new requirements for Paid Family Leave, plus some free resources to help you communicate and implement these new regulations.

How can we help?

How can we help?

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Our offices are located at

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Let’s start with the overview. What’s changed?
Independent contractors

The Human Rights Law now protects contractors, subcontractors, vendors, consultants or others providing services in the workplace from sexual harassment in the workplace.

Training requirements

Employers must adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy and training or use a similar policy and training that meet or exceeds the law’s minimum standards.

State contractors

Beginning in January 2019, all state contractors must submit an affirmation that they have a sexual harassment policy and that they have trained all of their employees.

More time off

The number of weeks eligible employees can take for family leave increases to 10 weeks.

More financial security

The Paid Family Leave wage replacement benefit is also increasing to 55% avg weekly wage.

Same strong protections

New York State has some of the nation’s strongest worker protections, including PFL.

to help you implement the paid leave policies

We’ve compiled a free guide to explain how these changes apply to your business, and to the state.

Notice of Deduction Form

Implement the 2019 NY Paid Family Leave benefit update by downloading this official form.

Model Language

Communicate the 2019 NY Paid Family Leave benefit update to your employees with this model language kit.

2019 Update Guide
Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks of Paid Family Leave are available to employees in 2019?
Eligible employees can take up to 10 weeks of Paid Family Leave in 2019.

How much will employees get paid when taking Paid Family Leave in 2019?
Employees taking Paid Family Leave will get 55% of their average weekly wage, up to a cap of 55% of the current Statewide Average Weekly Wage of $1,357.11.

What is the maximum weekly benefit in 2019?
The maximum weekly benefit for 2019 is $746.41.

What is the weekly employee contribution rate for 2019?
If you are paid weekly, the 2019 payroll contribution is 0.153% of your gross weekly wages and is capped at an annual maximum of $107.97. If your gross weekly wages are less than the New York State Average Weekly Wage ($1,357.11 per week), you will have an annual contribution amount less than the annual cap of $107.97, consistent with your actual wages.

What is the maximum amount employees will pay for Paid Family Leave in 2019?
The maximum employee contribution for 2019 is $107.97.

Why did the contribution amount change?
Each year, the Department of Financial Services sets the employee contribution rate to match the cost of coverage. With 2019 Paid Family Leave benefits increasing to 10 weeks off at 55% of pay, the cost of coverage rose slightly, which the new contribution rate reflects.

When can employers start taking deductions at the new rate?
Employers may start taking deductions at the 2019 rate on January 1, 2019.

What is the Statewide Average Weekly Wage that will be used for Paid Family Leave in 2019?
The Statewide Average Weekly Wage for Paid Family Leave in 2019 is $1,357.11.


How can we help?

Our offices are located at

544 Park Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205