5 HR Tips for Running Payroll the Right Way

Ensuring that your employees are paid on time and in the correct amounts is critical to the success of your business and the retention of your employees. Should employees be made to feel payroll is unreliable or inefficient, they may very likely look for work elsewhere.

We at CHS have found that investing in the basics: the correct payroll software, timely execution of payroll, the knowledge of when to ask for assistance, direct deposit capabilities, and data security, makes your job a lot simpler. So without further ado, here are our tips to ensuring your payroll processing runs smoothly:

Tip #1: Implement integrated payroll software. You should implement modern payroll software that interacts seamlessly with our accounting and finance software. Dispense with all outdated methods of payroll tracking (spreadsheets/ledgers).

Tip #2: Execute payroll in a timely manner. Continue using our services to make payroll timely, predictable and regular. Your employees deserve and must be paid on time. The great thing about using updated payroll software is that you can enable your company to do this automatically, so there are never any concerns as to the timeliness of payments to employees. CHS provides a software driven by a pay day calendar and is therefore consistent in terms of payroll processing and distribution.

Tip #3: Ask for assistance when necessary. While many companies have HR departments with payroll specialists, not all companies do. That’s where we come in. We don’t leave our clients out in the cold, we are a “hand-holding” company, and are only satisfied in the service we’ve provided if you are completely happy and informed. If your company does not have an HR department capable of handling payroll right now, enlist our outside help until you are able to do this efficiently on your own.

Tip #4: Set up direct deposit or enroll in a cash card service. Direct Deposit and/or offering a cash card service are the best options for employees and employers alike. Direct deposit enables you to pay employees in a more efficient manner and allows your employees immediate access to their wages and the ability to access their money without spending time waiting in line at the bank or paying check cashing fees. Additionally, our cash card service offers the same benefit to both you and your employees who may not have bank-linked checking accounts.

Tip #5: Secure your data. Your records will contain sensitive information on all your employees, and this information must be protected to ensure the safety of their wages and their identities. Using a reputable payroll provider who adheres to the strictest measures of data security, ensures your employees’ information stays secure.