5 New Laws That May Affect Your HR Compliance [Plus One Extra]

This year's legislation combined with projected law passages for 2019 may mean significant changes to your HR software requirements. Are you about to be out of compliance?

The five new laws below [plus one bonus] may make you reconsider your HR and payroll compliance position:

  1. De-Regulation of Wagner-Peyser Act: A Michigan law called the Wagner-Peyser act, affecting all 50 states, is a de-regulatory rollback that means states will be reigning back standards and oversights, putting more responsibility on the employer to provide an accommodative work atmosphere. You may be required to update your HR software if it does not include employment standards robust enough to accommodate your HR compliance position when the anticipated law rollback takes effect.

  2. Overtime Threshold Change: The Department of Labor is looking to raise the minimum pay rate threshold for overtime from about $23,700 to $33,000. One extreme estimate even projects the possibility of the DOL doubling the threshold to $47,476. If the law passes this fall, employers will no longer be able to pay overtime to salaried employees that earn more than $23,700 per year and will need to hire more employees to cover the labor hour shortfall this law will create.

  3. Box Ban: Are you using your HR software suite for hiring and employee onboarding? If you are, you will need a customizable suite that allows for modifications, as 31 states have already moved to ban the hiring application check box requiring you to disclose criminal history. 75% of the US population already lives in a jurisdiction that bans the criminal history check box. Is your software equipped to make this background search modification?

  4. Child Labor Law Change: Child labor protections under the FLSA are projected to change, to allow teenagers to work longer hours under hazardous conditions.

  5. Sexual Harassment Policy Change: New York State mandated that all employers conduct sexual harassment training within 90 days of October 9th, the first day the law took effect. Is your payroll suite or HR software equipped for this new training requirement?

  6. BONUS: On October 29th, the state of New Jersey will now mandate one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. New Jersey is now one of ten states requiring employers to provide their employees with sick leave.

If you feel any of these labor law changes may affect your business, please direct an email to info@chspayroll.com. Please include the subject 'Labor Law Changes.'

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