5 Rules for Attracting Talent

It’s difficult to recruit the perfect employee for the position you have open. As a business owner or hiring manager, you have a huge decision to make when considering applicants. It’s often a struggle. Part of this is because, in general, we are unsure of how to market ourselves. Human Resource Professionals are demanding new ways to find and retain talent. How do you get only the best of the best to apply to begin with?

Here are five simple rules for attracting talent that’s perfect for the role you’re trying to fill.

  1. Be Prepared - Stay accessible by having online applications available if possible. If you would like to retain some traditional interview practices while having people apply online, don’t fret. Many job search websites, such as Indeed, have screener questions and even practice interviews where you can test phone abilities, math skills, and customer service proficiency. Additionally, you should be as prepared to employ as your applicants are prepared to accept.

  2. Leverage Referrals - It is now common practice to offer employees a referral bonus for sending new treasured employees in your direction. Often, employers will offer a half and half bonus, in which the employee is paid half of the reward as soon as you hire on their suggestion, and half after the new employee has been with the company through probationary period (commonly 3-6 months). This way, employees won’t offer a candidate they don’t think would be a good fit long term, because they have the initiative to want them there awhile.

  3. Leverage Independent Contractors - Consider hiring someone in from a temp agency. Agencies have talented and skilled in the areas you may be looking for, and you might be losing out on good hiring choices if you aren’t willing to hire this way. You can also buy yourself some time while you search for the right candidate.

  4. Consider Your Culture - Employers frequently make the mistake of trying to appeal to people who aren’t a good fit for their company’s culture. A solid understanding of your employees and interpersonal relationships can help you find the right fit in a like-minded hire. Someone who is happy with their work environment and gets along well with others within the company is likely to stay on board a longer time.

  5. Use Perks - People like rewards, point blank. Bonuses every 6 months, opportunity for growth, health care, and vacation time are all important to consider. If you are offering more than the competition, you will have more people applying and therefore, more to choose from when hiring. Staying competitive with others in your industry is critical when searching for the best talent.

Following these steps will bring more potential employees to you to choose from. But don’t just hire anyone who shows up and puts on a good face. To be clear, it is prudent to hire on people who will fit in at your company long term. Consider your culture, but don’t be afraid to branch out.