Need An Easy Alternative to Paying Your Employees By Check? Enter: Cash Cards

While many people do have checking accounts, there is a growing trend amongst the money-savvy to transition their financial management from checking accounts to cash cards.

While checking accounts often charge overdraft fees, minimum balance fees and general checking fees, our cash card does away with these penalties. Additionally, instead of using a check cashing service (which runs up its own staggering litany of arbitrary fees), employees can simply inform you of their cards’ routing numbers, account numbers and linked bank information and cash their checks free of charge. – allowing your employees quick and unencumbered access to their money.

Additionally, offering your employees cash cards allows you to save money by not having to issue paper checks. It is an excellent alternative to direct deposit as well if any of your employees do not have bank accounts. These cards can even be used for automatic bill payments! Why not enroll in our cash card service?

Our cash card offers the same benefits as a regular debit card attached to a checking account: the ability to withdraw money from ATMs across the country, the option to use it for online or in-person purchases, and it even comes with a monthly financial statement. Check out the cash card service CHS offers here, and see if this service is right for your company!

Summary of Cash Card Benefits:

• Direct deposit for checks

• Cost-effective for your company

• More efficient access to money for employees

• Ability to withdraw money from ATMS country-wide

• Provision of a monthly statement

• Budgeting capabilities

• No checking fees or check cashing fees

• Ability to be used for automatic bill payments