The Benefits of Applicant Tracking

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Hiring is anything but easy. It’s an expensive and exhausting process that HR managers report takes over a month on average. The sheer amount of candidates can add to the difficulty of the process. It’s a problem that some would love to have - too many job applicants.

Investing in an applicant tracking system can improve hiring efficiency and allow your managers to select better candidates. The benefits of applicant tracking are clear.

Improved data security

One such benefit is the ability to weed out and avoid dangerous file attachments and other technological threats. Opening random email attachments and accessing other downloads from applicants can put your data security at risk. This is important to consider, since data security in HR departments is especially critical. An applicant tracking system can flag and remove any suspicious files before they reach your inbox.

Automated communications

Applicants like to hear back either way, and at the very least want to know that their submission was received. An applicant tracking system can help reduce the time it takes to communicate with each applicant throughout the hiring process. You can define filters and other ways to personalize messages to candidates as well.

Better documentation

It’s a lot of work to keep impeccable personnel files, and even harder to manage piles of résumés and other applicant documents. The benefit of an applicant tracking system is that it retains qualified candidates even after a position has been filled. These candidates can be searched later for future positions. You might find you have a good pool of applicants before you even list the open position.

More qualified applicants

Imagine if the only résumés your hiring managers reviewed were from qualified candidates. That can be a reality with an applicant tracking system. Filters help narrow the field and remove applicants with disqualifiers such as missing references, employment history gaps, and glaring spelling errors.

Connected team

With a single system for communicating during the hiring process, managers can collaborate easier and share more information. An applicant tracking system allows your team to make decisions together in a more effective way, resulting in more successful hires.

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