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Payment & Delivery Options

By partnering with multiple local and national couriers, we can hand-deliver payroll checks and reports to employers all across the United Sates. In the New York area, we also offer same-day delivery by hand.


80% of CHS clients now opt for paperless delivery sent via email or posted online for client access through their private portal (ESS). Actual checks are delivered via email for a totally electronic processing solution. We also provide you with free check stock, enabling you to print payroll checks from the convenience of your own office. Many clients also choose paperless quarterly reports and W2s. Automatic copies are sent to selected parties such as CPAs and controllers.


E-vouchers  are available for employees with direct deposit. For clients wanting direct deposits without bank accounts, we supply auto-refill debit cards. Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) entail delivery via email with clients accessing checks themselves. Advantages include a 2-3 hour turnaround time, onsite delivery to employees, and a “green” component (no trucks on road).


Our Secure Seal checks are pressure sealed for improved security – employees must break the seal. As with all check options, Secure Seal checks can feature the company logo and signature, as well as employee-specific memos.


Under the one check option (OBC), CHS creates a special bank account for managing, reconciling and funding all payroll monies. We then debit one lump sum from the client. In addition to significant time savings with bank reconciliation, this service also greatly mitigates risks associated with check fraud.

Software Integration and Custom Reporting

Whether you want to export your payroll data to QuickBooks or any other major accounting software, we offer a host of options that ready your data for exporting in a variety of formats. With 4 veteran accountants on staff, CHS utilizes its keen grasp of all bookkeeping and accounting software to help clients take the guesswork out of setting their programs up for seamless integration.


Thanks to our formidable programming & IT department, we offer many advanced and tailor-made exporting options, including customized reporting solutions such as quarter paycheck history reports, cash requirement reports, and bank reconciliation reports.


In addition, our general custom integration services are perfect for clients that have particular data submission requirements or need to submit special reporting to third-party agencies. Our programmers provide custom data compiling and have the ability to create forms with prefilled fields to accommodate all your reporting needs.

Specialty Payroll Services

CHS was founded by experts in specialty payroll. Our seasoned professionals specialize in industry-specific payroll services, and assist clients to abide by all requirements. We also offer certified payroll reporting, job cost tracking, and labor distribution and union reporting.

  • Minimum wage calculations, cash and credit card tip reporting, FICA tip credit reporting and more for the restaurant industry.

  • Parsonage, tuition, etc. for the school and education industries.

  • Special reporting including federal and state comptroller repots for the government contractor industry.

  • In-depth understanding of union contract negotiation, union calculations setup, supplemental benefits, prevailing wage and more for the construction industry.


Data Entry & Calculation

In a line, we can get your payroll data into our system in every way, shape and form.


Our advanced, comprehensive Platinum Pay system enables clients with any size workforce to access our server and manually input payroll data. Beyond being a modern piece of software, its backend is connected to clients’ dedicated payroll specialists.


For clients with lighter staff and simpler corporate structures, our Platinum Pay Xpress offers an intuitive, easy-to-use software solution. Platinum Pay Express is designed as a web-based system with access-anywhere capabilities.


Referred to internally as Power Grids, we work with any conceivable form of custom Excel sheet. Our systems can be set to expect and import custom sheets clients share with us, as well as those importable from time clock or labor tracking systems. For clients running their business in more traditional ways, we even offer data entry by way of phoned-in or faxed time sheets.


CHS accommodates unique and complex custom pay calculations and deductions, even offering custom coding to meet shift differentials.


Our Preprocess Reports are presented for your preview to help spot mistakes ahead of time and establish the total funds needed in your account. Once processing is complete, we generate and distribute complete, concise reports.