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Fraud Protection
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Background Check
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Electronic Applicant Training
Electronic Applicant Tracking

Time & Attendance - Pay for work completed, not for timesheets submitted. Choose from a variety of time clocks and mobile apps for easy time tracking. The data can be directly transferred to our payroll system for simple, accurate processing. We can also import the data from your current time and attendance software. 

PTO & Accrual Time Tracking - Administer your PTO and accrual plan minus the headache of spreadsheets and calculations. We will customize an automated plan to match your policy. Employees can see their balances right on their pay stubs. When utilized along with employee portal services, PTO can be requested and approved electronically.

Electronic Onboarding - Eliminate all that paperwork. Onboard new employees electronically. Employee information and forms get filled out and signed electronically. Includes customized questionnaires, forms, tasks, emails/reminders, plus secure electronic document record-keeping.


QuickBooks and Custom Exports - Reconciliation can be a breeze. We offer various payroll data files- from simple check listing to comprehensive job costing. The data will import into the correct accounts within your QuickBooks. With our extensive programming capabilities, we can customize any reports to present payroll data in the format that works for you.

Fraud Protection - Eliminate the risk of Check Fraud. We take check fraud very seriously. Therefore, we offer a number of services to prevent it from happening to you. Choose one or more of the following options and stay ahead of the crooks:

Official Bank Checks (OBC) 
With only a single transaction on your end, all your payroll checks are cashed against our trust account. Let us deal with fraud attempts and keep your bank account safe from unauthorized transactions. Payroll check reconciliation will no longer be your burden.

Positive Pay 

Upload a pre-authorized list of checks to your bank. We will provide you with a file customized to the specs of your Financial Institution. You simply submit the file to your bank, so they know to only allow checks that are in the file to clear. 

Manager and Employee Portals - Never lose a report or be busy reprinting employee reports. With our secure report portals, your reports are safe and sound and available at any time.

Report Self Service (RSS) - Managers, Owners, and CPAs can access all payroll reports (for multiple companies) including quarterly packages from anywhere at any time. You can also access RSS through your personal Employee Self Service portal. 

Employee Self Service (ESS) 

Employees can access their data and reports at their convenience. They can also request time off and keep track of their PTO balances. Available reports include pay stubs and W2s. Use the ESS portal to broadcast your company events and employee news. 

HR Library and Consulting  - Outsource your HR compliance function. Our comprehensive online HR Library contains all you need to know about Human Resource Compliance laws. Download necessary forms and posters and even create your own custom employee handbook, employee reviews and much more. 

With our HR On Demand service, submit your questions to our team of certified HR Pros and you’ll receive an answer you can rely on. For the best HR consulting experience, get an ‘assigned’ consultant to guide you through your HR challenges.

Worker’s Comp Pay-As-You-Go Reporting  - Avoid paying estimated high premiums. Let us submit real-time, actual payroll figures to your WC carrier and pay only what you owe. Don’t get caught by surprise with their reconciliation upon periodic audits.


Background Check - Know who you’re hiring. Through our collaboration with the best of the breed vendors, we bring you a full suite of background search services. Background check options include (but not limited to) criminal checks, drug screening, and employment credit reports. 

Pre-tax Spending Accounts - Save thousands of dollars in payroll taxes. Allow your employees to deduct pre-tax dollars towards allowable spending categories. Our partners will help you set up a compliant S-125 plan to enable employee pre-tax Flexible Spending account deduction. Also available are pre-tax commuter benefits.


Electronic Applicant Tracking - Remove the stress from employee recruiting. With electronic applicant tracking, you eliminate a whole lot of work. Create and post job openings to all respectable job sites with a click of a button. Filter through applications with customized questionnaires. Assign tasks, schedule interviews, and much more.