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Get more value out of your client relationships

Your client relationships are important to you. We understand. We've have worked hard to build strong ones of our own. So when we say we can help you not only maintain your current relationships, but build profitable new ones, we mean it. Strengthen your services and add value for both new and existing clients with partnership levels tailored to your needs.

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CPA's And Bookkeepers

Payroll is a natural extension of the tax, audit, and other financial services you offer. Access a secure portal to your clients' payroll data, and speed up filing processes.

Financial advisors

It's a win-win. Unlimited payroll processing and tax filing gives your bank clients a positive experience - one that helps you achieve higher retention rates.

insurance professionals

Your clients need payroll, and you should offer it. We won't compete with you - rather, we'll share revenue. Expand the value and credibility your clients expect, and improve your profitability through referral fees at the same time.

Want more value from your client relationships?