Risk-Free Tax Services

CHS’ complete tax services aim to provide a virtually automated process of electronic depositing of all payroll taxes with the various government agencies. We then electronically file all quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns on our clients’ behalf, and provide them copies of all filings for their records.


In addition, our service offerings include a hassle-free guarantee of 100% accurate, timely filings and depositing of all payroll taxes. We take full responsibility on all filings, including responding to notices, as well as paying for any penalties that may be incurred. CHS is fully insured with an Errors and Omissions insurance policy.


To simplify your cost, our payroll and tax services are structured with straightforward bundle pricing. Each bundle is all-inclusive, and we never nickel and dime you for extras.


We manage new hire reporting and electronically file the necessary documentation with every required state. Our in-house tax experts also review all levies and garnishments, and then set up an electronic garnishment management system that automatically calculates, debits, and deposits employee garnishments and levies with the appropriate agencies.


With automatic 1099 generation and filing at the end of the year, you can prepare the necessary documentation and report compensation for any independent contractors you’ve paid throughout the year.


Rules and regulations regarding workplace posters are constantly changing, and we both provide said posters as well as instruct you in their proper placement in visible work areas, as required.


The Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare, introduces a new wave of regulations with regards to full and part-time employees. We at CHS constantly monitor the landscape and bring you up to date with the ever-changing rules. Through timely and insightful information communicated to our clients, CHS ensures your compliance with all applicable provisions of the Act.


Our superior I-9 administration services assist you in bettering your hiring practices by verifying the identity and employment eligibility of all potential employees. We review all documentation and complete your I-9 forms.


When it comes to OSHA compliance, CHS helps by delivering innovative and cost-effective safety and compliance services. This empowers clients to perform better and operate with increased safety and success.


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